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By Any Means Necessary x TNF

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Scarface Shower

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Supreme Barrington Levy & Jah Life Englishman - Replica

Barrington Levy & Jah Life Englishman

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Supreme is an American skateboarding shop and clothing brand established in New York City in April 1994. Considered one of the major Streetwear brands, Supreme caters to skate boarding, hip hop and rock cultures.

Why Are So Many People Obsessed with Supreme?

It’s 9 AM on a Thursday, and 300 young men are lined up along a street in London’s Soho. The guy at the front of the line, 18-year-old Nick from Wembley, lets out a sort of pissed off yawn when I approach him. He’s been waiting here 23 hours, he says, trying to sleep on one of the camping chairs now piled up across the road. The guy at the back of the line, 17-year-old Werner, flew into London this morning from his home in Finland, just to stand in this line for the rest of the day.

The fandom is essentially a subculture in itself.

This is completely normal. Every time Supreme releases chunks of new stuff at its ten stores across Europe, America, and Japan—which is every Thursday from the start of each collection—hundreds of people skip school or work to get first dibs.

Why RepsNation? Our Mission & Vision.

Supreme is not affordable and not everyone can have it. We strive to provide high quality, authentic-like Supreme Replicas including Apparel & Accessories. Our aim is customer satisfaction – we provide the best pricing with free shipping.
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There is really no difference from the original.

Oh, and watch that funny video below.

Since its inception, the Supreme brand has made massive inroads in the fashion industry. Launched in NYC in 1994 by James Jebbia, the company sought to capture the market with its futuristic skateboarding and clothing items. 24 years on, it is fair to say that this goal has been achieved, and then some. From one store on Lafayette street in New York City, Supreme now boasts a presence in 11 locations, distributed across the US, France, England and Japan. The brand has pioneered some cutting-edge apparel designs in its time, attracting a whole lot of interest from across the board.

Outlook and market lean

Supreme tends to target people that are into hip-hop, skateboarding
and rock. It is also a brand that has been known to be a keen observer of
trends, making it quite popular with the youth. Its designs can essentially be describedas downtown and stay true to the elegant and chic markings of its targeted audience. The brand has always found value in scarcity. Generally, when newitems are rolled out, they come in small numbers, and this causes plenty of interest in the consuming public. The result is an ever-ready market and empty stalls.


Over the years, supreme has reached out to other major
brands and celebrities in a bid to foster its sense of style and authenticity. Brands that have been roped in in the past include Vans, Nike, Playboy, Levi’s, Timberland, Hanes, The North Face and plenty more. It has also worked with artists such as Peter Saville, David Lynch and Nan Goldin. In addition, Supreme is also associatedwith celebrities such as Lady Gaga, Morrissey, Gucci Mane, Lou Reed, Nas, Mike Tyson, Michael Jordan and Michael Jackson.

If you are a Supreme aficionado but unable to grab original pieces, the good newsis that we have a collection of replicas that look just like the real deal but
cost way less, and all you have to do is check what we have out here.